NEW CardWise credit card app

We’re excited to announce the launch of the CardWise app, a new mobile solution to manage your TCU Financial Group credit card. Use the mobile app or online platform to view your balance, customize transaction alerts and controls, block merchants, and more - all in one place. You'll be able to enjoy the benefits available today, with continuous improvements to features and functionality to follow. 

More reasons to make the switch from MyCardlnfo today:

Tap into all the account
details you need.
Be on the frontline with
24/7 self-service.
Stay in control
& in-the-know.
Get all the information you need all at once, including enriched transaction data, balances, statements, and more.
Everything you need in one place to set or change your PIN, activate your card or report a lost/stolen card - right in the app or online. Customize controls and alerts to manage your credit card account with security and ease.

Watch for upcoming email notifications inviting you to view your credit card statements on CardWise in addition to your current MyCardlnfo notification. 

How it Works

Visit or download the CardWise app from your phone's app store today to start managing your credit card digitally. For quick and easy registration, have the following ready:

  • Your physical card
  • Your email address that is on file for your credit card account (typically, the email address provided at time of application).  

Are you a business cardholder?

Visit for more important information on the digital account management features available for your card.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I able to use both MyCardlnfo and CardWise if I have registered for both?
As both platforms remain available, you will continue to have access to both, however it is recommended that CardWise be used as your primary platform to fully experience its features.

2. I have registered for CardWise, why do my past months' account statements not appear?
CardWise will begin showing your account statements beginning the first statement cycle following registration. Past statements will remain on MyCardlnfo for a period of time, but for ease, we encourage you to download your previous statements.

3. I have enrolled in e-Statement notifications through MyCardlnfo. Will this enrollment carry over to CardWise?
Yes. Your e-Statement preferences selected in MyCardlnfo will be transferred to CardWise. Once CardWise is made available to the credit union, you will begin to receive email notifications to inform of your monthly statement availability on both MyCardlnfo and CardWise. As it meets your needs, you are encouraged to begin accessing your monthly statements on the CardWise platform. Once you have registered for CardWise, you will no longer receive the email notification from MyCardlnfo. Once registered, you may update your statement delivery preferences within the CardWise mobile app or through the online platform.

4. I have set up Auto-Pay for one or more of my credit cards through MyCardlnfo, will this carry over to CardWise?
Any Auto-Pay set ups on your MyCardlnfo account will be transferred to CardWise once you have completed registration.

Visit for more information and helpful how-tos.

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