CRA Business Tax Payments

To begin, please confirm if PaySimply will work for your needs by clicking here.

Please follow these simple instructions to submit your CRA Business tax payment using PaySimply. 

If you have questions or concerns please contact MemberLine. We are happy to help.

How to Submit CRA Business Tax Payments using PaySimply

The following payment process is applicable for business taxes that have already been filed on using My Business Account.

Step 1


Open PaySimply’s site using one of the available links on TCU’s Online Banking site or by clicking PaySimply. Scroll down all the way to the footer menu and click on the Pay Business Taxes link under PAY CRA

Step 2

On the Pay Business Taxes page, click on your desired tax category under the Business Taxes section.

Note: In this guide, tax category ‘Payroll Source Deductions’ has been chosen to demonstrate the payment workflow. Please choose the tax category that applies to you before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3

Click on the desired option under ‘Choose one of the following’. Current Year option is just used for illustration purposes.

Step 4

Enter the required details in the Taxpayer Details form and then press Continue.

Step 5

Select and click on the third option Interac ‘Make your payment through your online banking using Interac e-Transfer®

Note: Please read and consider the processing time stated for this payment method and ensure completing your payment to the CRA ahead of time to avoid missing any deadlines.

Step 6

Review your payment and click Continue

Step 7

Create an e-Transfer using TCU Financial Online Banking by following the steps and using the information (Contact name, Email, Security Question and Answer) exactly as displayed on your Make Payment page. Picture below is a sample of how it will look like.


  • Please ensure your total payment amount including the 1% processing fee does not exceed $10,000.
  • Keep the PaySimply browser tab open and create your e-Transfer by opening TCU’s online banking in a separate browser tab so that you can come back to confirm sending the e-Transfer.

Step 8

Once the e-Transfer has been completed, under the Complete your Payment section, click on  ‘I confirm I sent my Interac e-Transfer® from my online banking’.

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