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Are you between the ages of 18 and 30? Are you ready to start your investment journey with discounted rates? Build your financial future with our partner Qtrade for only $7.75 per stock or ETF trade as a Young Investor. No account minimums and no quarterly admin fees. To qualify, simply set up an automatic pre-authorized contribution of at least $50. 
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How old do investors need to be to open a TFSA or RRSP online brokerage account?​

An investor must be of legal age in the province they live in to open an account with us. They are, however, welcome to start an RRSP or TFSA at their parents' financial institution and transfer it when they reach the age of majority. Alternatively, their parents can open an informal trust account on their behalf. The account will be in their parents' name but made available for the young investor when they are of legal age.​  

Once the child reaches the legal age, the parent and child will need to jointly complete an internal property transfer with consideration form to transfer the assets from the parent to the child. The child can then open their own non-registered or registered accounts.

Do we need to set up an automatic pre-authorized contribution of at least $50 (PAC) a month in order to be eligible for the Young Investor discounted trade?

Yes. To qualify, a young investor needs to first set up a pre-authorized contribution of at least $50 per month to be eligible for the $7.75 per stock or ETF trade.

If a young investor is turning 18 in two weeks, can they still be eligible for the Young Investor campaign?​

Unfortunately, they need to wait until they are of legal age in the province in which they reside to open account and be eligible for Young Investor discounted trade pricing. 

What do I need to open an account for Young Investor?​

This will be the same as signing up for any account on Qtrade. 



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