*NEW* Making CRA Business Tax Payments Online

You asked. We listened.

Over the past three months we have been working with our suppliers to provide an online solution to make CRA Business Tax Payments. We have explored many options and have successfully identified and implemented a temporary solution while we continue to work with our partners on the permanent solution.

Effective today, our temporary online CRA feature is available through PaySimply and can be accessed in our desktop online banking and our mobile browser. To access this feature members can sign in to online banking either via desktop or mobile browser and click on the CRA Business Tax Payments link.

Who is a candidate to use PaySimply for online CRA business tax payments?

PaySimply is a solution designed for businesses who have:

  • a payment amount up to $9,900

  • a one-signer account*

*Accounts that require two people to complete an e-transfer through online banking, are not eligible to pursue the solution through PaySimply. Examples of 2 persons involved in completing an e-transfer include:

  1. A delegate completing the e-Transfer and a signor approving it.

  2. First signor completing the e-Transfer and second signor approving it.


  • Please allow one business day to process payments

  • There will be a 1% Interac fee that TCU will reimburse along with any e-transfer fee related to the transaction. For reimbursement email a copy of your confirmation from PaySimply to tcu@tcu.sk.ca.

Complete how-to information regarding this feature is available here.

What alternative options are there?

In addition to the PaySimply solution, there are a few alternatives for making CRA business tax payments:

  1. Pay by pre-authorized debit on Canada.ca

    The Government of Canada offers a convenient online payment option for anyone with a My Business Account on their website. To find out more and use this option, visit the Canada.ca website.

  2. Courier a cheque to TCU Financial Group

For members who are unable to use the PaySimply or Government of Canada solutions, we would be pleased to arrange pick-up of payment from those located in and around the Saskatoon and/or Regina area. Please contact our MemberLine Team at 1-877-828-4343 and have the following items ready for pick-up:

  1. Completed remittance slip

  2. Signed cheque payable to the member’s own business name in the applicable amount, with a note that it is a CRA payment in the memo line

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