New self-serve investment options

Want to get hands-on with your investments? Well now you can.

Our new self-serve investment feature available in online banking allows you to open the following all on your own:

  • a new non-registered Term Deposit
  • a registered Term Deposit (TFSA / RRSP)* (must meet requirements listed below)

The new feature is available through both browser-based online banking and the iOS mobile app (Android app not yet available), and can be accessed by navigating to Account> Account Opening> Term Deposit/RRSP/TFSA.

Get hands-on today! For more information, view the demo video, login to your online banking account, or speak to a MemberLine representative by calling 1-877-828-4343.

*You must be an existing member with a registered plan and a registered variable savings account to open a new registered term deposit (TFSA / RRSP) online. Non-registered term deposits can be opened up by any existing member.  

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