Launch Weekend Information

Watch for temporary changes to branch hours from March 18 - 21, as well as digital banking service disruptions from March 14-20.

Special Upcoming Branch Hours

Temporary changes to branch hours are necessary in order to transition software and to ensure that all banking transactions are properly protected and processed. Please take note of the following reduced branch availability:

  • Friday, March 18 branches CLOSING EARLY at 3:00 pm
  • Monday, March 21 CLOSED 
  • Normal banking hours will resume starting on Tuesday, March 22

Important: March 14-20 Service Disruption and Feature Unavailability

As the system is transitioning we want to ensure that banking transactions are protected and processed. Therefore, some digital banking features will be temporarily unavailable for a short window of time. To avoid disruption, we recommend planning around the following dates:  

  • Online banking and the mobile banking app are expected to be unavailable March 18 at 3:00 pm to approximately 6:00 pm on March 20 (please watch the website for up-to-date information on our progress)
  • Receiving INTERAC e-Transfers and all other e-Transfer features (e.g., Request e-Transfer features) will be temporarily unavailable March 16 - 20 (any e-Transfers received during this period can be deposited once the new online banking is live)
  • Sending e-Transfers will be temporarily unavailable March 14 - 20

How you can prepare/things to note:

  • Ensure any e-Transfers that you receive are accepted by March 15, otherwise you will need to wait until the new banking platform is ready on March 20
  • For any e-Transfers sent before March 14, ensure that the recipient of your outgoing e-Transfers deposits their money by March 15 otherwise all pending transactions will be cancelled and funds will be credited back into your account
  • In the event that you might have an unplanned need to transfer funds during this outage period, consider using cash or cheques as applicable (to assist members, free in-branch printing of cheques will be made available for members needing to navigate through this short window of time)
  • Members can still access ATMs
  • Members can still use their debit card and credit card for point-of-sale transactions
  • Be assured that existing scheduled direct deposits (like payroll deposits) won’t be impacted
  • Note that any pre-scheduled member-to-member transfers can be re-setup on the new digital banking platform but will not carry forward after March 18 (see website FAQ section)

We will have self-serve interactive demos and 24/7 call centre support available to help you login to the new digital banking system once it goes live.


Will this impact my login information for online banking or my mobile app?

Yes, you will need to create a username for the new digital banking platform (a member-selected username will be a new feature). When you first login to the new digital banking, you’ll use your current debit card number (or virtual card number). You’ll also need to enter the matching cell phone number AND/OR email address that we have on record for you. We’ll then provide a one-time password (sent to your email or cell phone) for you to be able to continue on the new digital banking platform.
Members won’t need to download their old E-statements. As you explore the new online banking platform, you will still be able to see your E-Statements which you can use to find any historical transactions. However, for those members who download their transaction details in other formats (like an editable spreadsheet) you won’t have the same ability to see your historical transactions before March 20th, 2022.
Yes, if you regularly download your transaction history in a spreadsheet or similar format, you will need to ensure you download all of your transactions before March 18th, 2022. After this date, the new digital banking platform will re-establish a transaction history for download.
Unfortunately no. You will need to re-setup any e-Transfer contacts you may have established. The upside is that you will have a refreshed list of your e-Transfer payees as we move to a modern user experience, enriched online banking features, enhanced online security, and greater flexibility in spending, managing and tracking your money.
Yes, you will see your bill payees show up within the new online banking platform.
Except for scheduled e-Transfers and scheduled inter-member transfer, all other scheduled payments will transfer over.
No, they won’t. They’ll remain unchanged.
Yes, you will but not to worry, we’ll share more details when it’s available.
No, our website address will stay the same, but there will be a new website address setup specifically for online banking.
We’re going to try our best to automatically redirect you, but you might need to set new bookmarks once you’re transitioned to the new online banking system.
We recommend you uninstall the old version of the application to avoid any confusion. The old version of the application will not provide access to your accounts once the new digital banking platform is up and running.
Unfortunately no. For example, if you had a recurring transfer from your chequing account to a joint savings accounts for an emergency savings fund. However with the new Member-to-Member transfer feature, you can add and save recipients on your own. All you need is the recipient’s TCU Financial Group account number. We will have an interactive demo to walk you through this.
Any existing alerts will go away, but the new digital banking platform will offer more robust banking alerts that you can customize with the new system.
No, in fact while we make the switch over the weekend of March 18, 2022, ATM and POS activity will help members continue to do the majority of their transactions.
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