2022-23 Scholarship Recipients

The TCU Financial Group Scholarship Program was created to support life-long learning for students in our community. This past year, the scope of the program was expanded to broaden support opportunities and reinforce our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Submissions for the 2022-23 program have been evaluated and we are pleased to announce the following recipients:

Tanner P. $1,000 bursary
Emma C. $1,000 bursary
Colleen S. $1,000 scholarship
Kofoworola O. $500 scholarship
Brooke F. $500 scholarship
Andraya J. $500 scholarship

Congratulations to these life-long learners on their achievements and educational pursuits.

Two of the seven scholarship categories were unable to be awarded due to a lack of eligible candidates, and those funds were redistributed to the following charitable organizations:

Saskatoon Tribal Council Emergency Wellness Centre $750
First Nations University of Canada $750

We wish to thank everyone who expressed interest in the program. Updates regarding the 2023-24 scholarship program will be announced later this year.   


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