Meet our TCU Wealth Management Team

John Hettel
John Hettel

Qualificiations: CFP®, BSPE

Specialized areas of expertise: Broad and deep knowledge in all areas of financial planning, backed by many years of experience


John’s approach to financial planning and philosophy are guided by his desire to help people manage and grow their wealth. His unique approach is based on managing risk, being proactive, leading with integrity, being a good listener to his clients, and educating them about their finances and options. Humble about his expertise but extremely knowledgeable, John arrived at TCU Financial Group in 1998 and has worked in Wealth Management since 2002.

John’s philosophy is based on relationships, accountability and attentiveness—he nurtures relationships over the long term, he holds himself accountable, and he makes it his priority to put his clients and their best interests first. John admires the holistic credit union approach to wealth management. When he’s not immersed in financial strategies and meeting with clients, John enjoys travelling and playing golf.

TCU Wealth Management
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Saskatoon, SK S7T 0V1
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