Consolidate with One Advisor

Using Multiple Advisors - More Upsides or Downsides?

Spreading investments across different asset classes is a tried and true strategy. But diversifying among various financial professionals is a recipe for frustration and poor outcomes. Below is a list of a few ways investors can benefit by consolidating their business with one trusted financial professional.

1. Are You Receiving Complete Advice?

Problem: Financial professionals who only have a partial view of your financial circumstances can only provide you with partial advice.

Solution: Entrust all of your investments to one qualified professional, so they can see the big picture of the your assets and liabilities, and fully understand your goals and circumstances.

Benefit: Get complete, holistic, and tailored advice to support your overall financial well being.

2. Do You Have the Right Mix of Risk?

Problem: Asset allocation and diversification are huge components of long-term investing success, which can be defined as achieving desired returns with an acceptable degree of risk. When you maintain separate assets and deal with different advisors, there’s a good chance that your overall portfolio may be too concentrated in certain areas, or contain duplicate investments. It might be too aggressive, or too conservative. All of those scenarios can create more risk than necessary.

Solution: A qualified financial professional who provides advice on your entire portfolio can ensure it is properly diversified across various asset classes, sectors and geographies.

Benefit: An efficient, optimized portfolio that is positioned to grow, while controlling risk factors.

3. Is Your Portfolio Monitored and Rebalanced Properly?

Problem: Your personal circumstances can change, and market conditions can cause your portfolio’s target asset mix to shift.

Solution: A qualified, trusted advisor who is responsible for maintaining a holistic view of your financial situation and for ongoing oversight and monitoring of your portfolio.

Benefit: Ensure that your investment plan stays on track, and receive timely and appropriate recommendations to adjust or rebalance your portfolio.

4. Are You Maximizing Your Tax Savings Opportunities?

Problem: Opportunities for tax savings can be missed.

Solution: A qualified professional who has a big-picture view of your financial situation can recognize opportunities for tax savings that might otherwise be missed.

Benefit: Reduced tax bite. For example, through income splitting, offsetting capital gains with capital losses or holding less tax efficient investments in accounts that offer deferred or preferential tax treatment (RRSP or TFSA).

5. Are You Doubling Your Efforts?

Problem: Managing investments takes a fair amount of time and energy.

Solution: Work with one trusted advisor, and reduce the annual review process to one or two meetings per year.

Benefit: More time for other more important or more enjoyable activities.

TCU Wealth Management Investment Advisors can handle all of your financial planning and investment needs under one roof. To get started, book an appointment online or contact a member of our team directly.

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