Memorized Accounts

This feature allows you to add Memorized Accounts for a faster, more convenient Login. For each Memorized Account you add, the system will store a description and your member information for later use. Your PAC is not stored. This feature also allows you to remove Memorized Accounts that you no longer wish to access through Account.

Memorized Accounts should only be used on personal computers and not public computers (such as library, work, etc.).

Note: You must have cookies enabled in your browser to use this feature. If you delete the cookies from your browser, you will need to add your Memorized Accounts again as they will be deleted with the cookies.

Adding a Memorized Account

To add a Memorized Account, click on Add an Account on the Memorized Accounts Summary. Then, complete the Add a Memorized Account page.

Removing a Memorized Account

You can remove a Memorized Account from the Memorized Accounts Summary by clicking on Delete to the right of the Account to be removed.



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