Travel Tips

Travelling is often a time to relax and forget about everyday troubles. Running into money issues is something most people look to avoid. Some pre-travel planning and arranging will help ensure you don’t experience these problems while you are away from home.

Travelling with your TCU MEMBER CARD Debit Card

  • Member ACTION: Let our MemberLine Department know when you are travelling outside of Canada. This will help to avoid any service interruptions with your TCU Financial Group MEMBER CARD debit card.
  • ATM Network: The network TCU uses for international ATM withdrawals is CIRRUS (the logo can be found on the back of your card). Locations of CIRRUS Network ATMs can be found on the Mastercard website.
  • Encountering Issues: If you encounter any errors or declined messages, please keep your receipts to provide us on your return.
  • Possible Fees: A network fee may apply for out of country ATM withdrawals. Please review the TCU Accounts and Fees Guide for more information.
  • Other Payment Options: Point of sale transactions (purchases) cannot be guaranteed. Please ensure you have alternate forms of payment such as cash and credit cards. 
  • Daily Limits: There is a daily ATM withdrawal limit of $800.00 Canadian per day/per card.
  • Change Your PIN: Once you have returned home, change the PIN on any debit cards or credit cards you used while travelling.

Travel Tips

  • Inform Your Providers: Inform your debit and credit card providers of your travel plans. A common fraud prevention practice of many card providers is to track unusual patterns in card transaction activity.
  • Ordering Currency: Contact your branch a month in advance to ensure the currency you require will be available.
  • Card Acceptance: Check with your card provider to confirm that your card will be accepted at your travel destination.
  • Travel Reports: Review Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada travel reports. More information can be found on the Government of Canada's Travel and Tourism website.
  • Keep a Record: Keep a record of your card numbers and your card providers contact numbers in a safe location.
  • Limit Your Cash: Don’t carry more than one day’s cash on your body. Keep extra monies in a safe location.
  • Important Documents: Ensure that your Will and Power of Attorney documents are in place and up to date.
  • Change in Plans: If your travel plans change, let us know as soon as possible to avoid any service interruptions.
  • Spend Your Coins: Foreign coins are not accepted for exchange once you're back home. Instead of breaking a bill for any last minute purchases, try to use up your coins. You'll save your paper currency and lighten your load as you travel home.
Our Contact Us page contains different ways you can reach us, as well as our MemberLine hours. There is also contact information for lost or stolen debit and credit cards. Please reach out to us if you run into any issues while travelling.

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