Route and Transit Number

In Canada, route and transit numbers are used to identify different financial institutions. They are used for cheque settlements as well as to make sure your payroll and pre-authorized debits are deposited in the correct account. Route and transit numbers are also important when setting up pre-authorized debits from your account for utility bills and other regularly occurring payments.

The route (institution) and transit (branch) number for all four TCU Financial Group Branches is 889-22798.

When setting up a pre-authorized payment it is important to have the complete information or the payment will not go through. The route and transit number must be followed by your full 11-digit account number including the proper 4 digits indicating the type of account (represented by the XXXXs below). For members with cheques, this information is included at the bottom of each cheque.

Example - 889 22798 XXXX7123456

If you need this information to set up a pre-authorized debit or credit and are having difficulty, please contact our MemberLine Department and they will be glad to assist you.


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