TCU MEMBER CARDS are equipped with INTERAC Flash. This is contactless technology which allows you to conveniently and securely make smaller everyday purchases at select merchants without having to insert your card or enter your PIN. Simply tap your card at a terminal which supports INTERAC Flash – It’s quick and safe.

Below are some frequently asked questions about INTERAC Flash:

I received my new MEMBER CARD with INTERAC Flash. What do I need to do? Expand/Collapse

Your new card is ready to use with your current PIN. Please begin using the new card immediately.  You will need to activate your new card by entering your PIN for one ATM or point-of-sale transaction. Once you have done this, Interac Flash will be activated on your new card. Once you have successfully used your new card, please destroy your existing card safely.


Is INTERAC Flash secure? Expand/Collapse

Yes it is secure. INTERAC Flash uses secure chip processing to protect against skimming, counterfeiting and electronic pick-pocketing.

Furthermore, Interac Flash:

  • Uses the latest chip technology
  • Has exclusive functionality and security unique to Interac Flash that protects every transaction
  • Comes with the Interac Zero Liability Policy which protects you from unauthorized transactions

Is there a limit to how much I can spend using INTERAC Flash technology? Expand/Collapse

Yes. For security purposes, there are transaction limits for purchases made using Interac Flash.

  • A single transaction cannot exceed $100
  • There is a $400 24-hour cumulative spending limit

If your purchase is above these limits, you will be prompted to insert your card and enter your PIN.

How do I know which of my accounts will be debited when using INTERAC Flash? Expand/Collapse

Your purchases will be debited from the savings and/or chequing account associated with your MEMBER CARD.

Do I have to use INTERAC Flash? Expand/Collapse

No. You don’t need to use the Interac Flash technology if you choose not to. You can continue to use your chip and PIN for all purchases if that is your preference.If you would prefer to have the Interac Flash feature on your card deactivated, please contact us.

Can I use my new MEMBER CARD at all merchants? Expand/Collapse

Your card will work at all merchants that accept debit cards even if they do not have an Interac Flash reader. Instead, you will insert your card and enter your PIN. Over time more and more retailers will be installing Interac Flash readers for your convenience.

Can the information on my card be stolen, even if the card is in a purse or wallet? Expand/Collapse

No. The security built into the chip within your card protects you against this type of fraudulent activity. The chip uses processing power and cryptography that protects your card from skimming and counterfeiting.

Can I change my PIN? Expand/Collapse

If you know your existing PIN, you can change it at any credit union ATM that displays the Acculink® symbol.You can also change your PIN at any TCU Financial Group branch or participating credit union - Pin Services & Branch Locator | Everlink Payment Services Inc.

Will my exisitng Personal Access Code (PAC) still work for logging into Online and Mobile Banking? Expand/Collapse

Yes.  Once you have activated your new card, start using the new card number to login to online and mobile banking. Your existing PAC will work and the account features you previously had activated on your online banking will migrate over (bill payees, e-transfer recipients, increased authentication challenge questions, etc.)

IMPORTANT: Once you have logged in with the new card number for the first time, you will NOT be able to login with your old MEMBER CARD. If you attempt to login using your old card number after a successful login with your new card, you will receive the following error message:

Will I have to set up Memorized Accounts again? Expand/Collapse

Yes. The only feature you will need to set up again is your memorized accounts in online and mobile banking.

Will my existing Personal Access Code (PAC) still work for logging into TeleService? Expand/Collapse

Yes.  Once you have activated your new card, start using the new card number to login to TeleService. Your existing PAC will work.

What should I do with my old MEMBER CARD? Expand/Collapse

Once you have successfully used your new MEMBER CARD with Interac Flash at an ATM or point-of-sale terminal please destroy your old MEMBER CARD.

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