Get a low rate and save!

Want a card that offers everything you need including 3.9% interest on balance transfers for the first six months? Consolidating all your post-holiday credit card balances onto one card with a low rate is an easy way to cut monthly payments. 

We're always looking for ways to help our members and trimming interest payments can do just that. What's more, this 3.9% offer is available on all new or existing cards. 

Don't delay, the time is now to apply! Once you are approved for your new TCU Financial Group Mastercard, create your myCardInfo account and transfer your balance using promo code 0002. 

If you are an exisiting TCU Financial Group Mastercard holder take advantage of this offer by logging into myCardInfo.

Follow these simple steps to easily transfer a balance to your TCU Financial Group Mastercard. 

1) Login to myCardInfo
2) Click Account Services
3) Click Balance Transfers in the dropdown menu
4) Enter the CVV code for your TCU Financial Group Mastercard
5) Enter the details of the credit card you are transferring a balance from
6) Enter promo code 0002
7) Press submit and save!

If you have any questions please contact Memberline.

Terms & Conditions

This offer is available for new and existing cards.

Eligible cards for this offer include new or existing Classic, Centra Gold, Student, Cash Back, Travel Rewards Gold, FlexRate and Infinite/World cards. The US Dollar and business cards are not eligible for this offer. 

'New' cards are defined as cards that have been applied for between February 1 - April 30, 2020. 'Existing' cards are defined as cards that were applied for and approved prior to February 1, 2020. Applications submitted before February 1, 2020 and approved after this date are considered 'new' cards. 

For new cards, applications must be submitted between February 1 - April 30, 2020, and balances must then be transferred within 90 days of account opening, in order to qualify for the promo rate. Application for a new card is subject to approval by Collabria Financial Services, Inc. 

For existing cards, balances must be transferred between February 1 - April 30, 2020, in order to qualify for the promo rate.

The 6-month promo rate period applies separately to every balance transfer transaction performed within this campaign timing. In other words, the 6-month promo rate period begins on the date of every balance transfer transaction performed. 

New and existing cardholders are asked to use the promo code 0001 if they have been communicated this offer in their credit union branch.

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