Make your Credit Card WORK SMARTER

Organizing your finances is smart. Transferring any outstanding balances you have on a credit card is an easy way to show just how smart you are.

Enjoy these benefits when you transfer your credit card balance:

  • Keep outstanding balances in one place making it easier to track and manage
  • Save on annual fees from multiple cards
  • Save on interest charges from higher-rate cards
  • Accumlate FlexReward points quicker
Our FlexReward Mastercards reward you for the purchases you make. Quickly collect FlexRewards points to spend on air travel, vacation packages, merchandise and more just by using your TCU Mastercard for every day purchases. 

Use our FlexReward Calculator to see how many points you could earn by this time next year.

To transfer your outstanding balance and start collecting FlexReward points book an appointment online or call Memberline.


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