Construction Mortgage

Have you decided to build your own house? TCU has the experience and expertise to guide you through this process.


  • Both conventional and high ratio mortgages are available.
  • Line of credit* is included for any unexpected construction costs. 
  • Option to make interest only payments during construction.
  • Eligible properties are primary residences, cottage properties and residential revenue properties (dependant on location and other factors).
Variable Rate Mortgages* Rates
1 Year Open 3.20%
5 Year Closed 2.45%
Fixed Rate Mortgages Rates
1 Year Open 6.50%
6 Month Closed 3.75%
1 Year Closed 2.69%
2 Year Closed 2.69%
3 Year Closed 2.89%
4 Year Closed 2.99%
5 Year Closed 3.04%
7 Year Closed 3.99%
Cashback Mortgage 5.14%

*Subject to additional approvals.

Must meet certain approval conditions. Cost of credit and any fees associated with the loan will be disclosed at the time of approval. Maximum construction period is one year. Maximum of four loan advances.