Education Loans

Finance your future with a TCU Financial Group Education Loan. Your tuition fees, textbooks, laptop, living expenses and transportation costs can all be covered with this one loan.

TCU Education Loans will be of interest to those who do not qualify for Canada Student Loans or need to top up the amounts available from that program.


  • Flexible limits:
    • Up to $15,000 per year for undergraduate students
    • Up to $25,000 per year for postgraduates, Master's or Ph. D programs as well as Physiotherapy, Chiropractics, Optometry, Veterinary Medicine, and Law
    • Up to a maximum of $300,000 limit for those pursuing a professional degree in a medical program leading to an M.D. or an accredited Dentistry program
  • Pay only the interest while you attend school
  • No annual fees or penalties - no cost to set up and no penalties to repay early
  • Life, Disability and Critical Illness insurance is available to provide valuable protection to you and your loved ones
  • Access funds from your Education Loan with our No Fee Account
  • Quick and easy access to funds through online and mobile banking


  • Must meet certain approval conditions
  • Confirmation of student enrolment from your post secondary educational institution is required annually
  • Limits may be pro-rated for part-time students
  • Additional security may be requested depending on the limit requested
  • Full repayment starts at least twelve months after finishing school

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