Consolidation Loans

Are you overwhelmed with managing debt? Our experts can help.

TCU Financial Group will work with you to develop a plan to reduce your debt and help you plan for the future. Each situation is unique and we will take the time to learn how we can help you get back on track.

Save money and find financial peace of mind with a TCU Consolidation Loan. By combining your high interest loans and reducing your interest rate you will be able to pay off your debt sooner, for less.

We are here to help. Book an appointment online to discuss options that may be available to you.

Follow these steps to get back on track and maximize your financial future.

What to expect when applying for a consolidation loan Expand/Collapse

Before you can be approved for a consolidation loan, we will need to collect information to determine the best way we can help. Factors such as the size of the loan you are requesting, credit score, employment status and more are considered when granting approval.

We see your bigger picture Expand/Collapse

If you are not approved for a consolidation loan we can provide alternative solutions for you to consider. As your local credit union, we are able to provide more flexibility and offer you a variety of different solutions specific to you and your solution. You’re more than just a number at TCU, you’re a part of our community.

Let us help you manage your financial future Expand/Collapse

Members with consolidation loans often tell us that the reason for their existing high interest loans is the result of being short of funds during unexpected situations. We will help you navigate your current finances and create a savings plan to prepare you for your future.   

Set up a budget Expand/Collapse

The first step to a better financial future is to create a reasonable budget and then stick to it every day.

Creating a budget will help you gain a stronger understanding of where you may be able to lower expenses. If you have questions our team is ready to help!

Create a savings plan Expand/Collapse

Start saving now. You can create a savings plan while paying off your debt, you don’t have to wait. You will be in a better financial position should an unexpected expense arise.

The first step to saving money is switching to our free chequing and savings accounts to manage your day-to-day banking. Why pay bank fees when you don’t have to?

Plan for your future Expand/Collapse

When you are ready to save even more, we offer short-term interest bearing term deposits through a TFSA that grows your money over time tax free! We can set up free automatic deposits to make saving even easier.

Build your credit score Expand/Collapse

If your credit score needs help, we have numerous no fee MasterCard options that help you rebuild your credit score responsibly.

Get back on track Expand/Collapse

TCU Financial Group will provide you with the tools to save money and achieve financial freedom.

Book your appointment online today or call our MemberLine to start saving money today.

What to bring to your appointment Expand/Collapse

  • A detailed list of your loans the existing loans and credit cards, including information about your payments, interest rates and terms.
  • Two pieces of government ID
  • Paystubs and your previous two years T4s
  • Your completed budget using our Budget Tool.


  • The ability to eliminate high interest rate debt and pay down debt sooner by combining all your payments into one loan.
  • Competitive fixed or floating interest rates options.
  • Low, manageable payments on a schedule that works for you.*
  • Terms that range from 1 to 5 years.
  • Consolidation of vehicle loans, credit card debt, lines of credit, loans at other financial institutions and point of purchase loans (furniture, appliances, electronics).
  • Life and disability insurance.


  • *Payments can be made weekly, biweekly, semimonthly or monthly
  • Must meet certain approval conditions
  • Cost of credit and fees associated with the loan will be disclosed at time of approval

Start building a stronger financial future today!