Credit Card and SIN Masking

As part of our ongoing program to enhance the online security of our members and raise security awareness, we wanted to bring your attention to a new feature that now masks credit card numbers and Social Insurance Numbers (SIN) within online and mobile banking. The new feature will:

  • Mask the first 12 digits of a 16-digit card (last 4 will show)
  • Mask the first 6 digits of SIN number (last 3 will show)

Members will only see their full credit card or SIN numbers within online and mobile banking Payments pages when they originally enter the number upon setting up a credit card or a SIN as a Bill Payee. Thereafter, the number will be masked on any screen where the Bill Payment or Vendor Account number appears. (e.g. only the last 4 digits of a credit card number will appear on the details of an existing Bill Payee.)

Updated pages with the new security feature include:

  • Add Payee confirmation
  • Remove Payee
  • Pay Bills (immediate, scheduled, recurring) vendor selection, payment review, payment confirmation
  • Scheduled Bill Payment on Account Summary

By masking the numbers to a length that makes reverse engineering them impractical it will greatly reduce the risk of identity theft for our members.