Victims of Identity Theft

The following action steps are intended for individuals who believe they may be a victim of identity theft:

  • Contact local police and file a report. Ask for a copy of the police report or obtain the file number.
  • Contact all creditors by phone and in writing to inform them of the problem.
  • Call all of the credit bureau’s fraud units (Equifax and TransUnion) to report identity theft.
  • When submitting your report to the credit bureau, ask to have a “Fraud Alert/Victim Impact” statement placed in your credit file asking that creditors call you before opening any new accounts.
  • Alert your credit union or bank to flag your accounts and to contact you to confirm unusual activity. Note: your accounts may need to be closed and set up under different numbers.
  • Request a change of PIN/PAC and new passwords for all accounts affected.
  • Keep a log of all contacts and make copies of all documents.
  • Contact Service Canada and speak to an investigator to report misuse of a social insurance number online at or toll free at 1-800-206-7218. Note: you may need to have a replacement SIN number issued.
  • Contact the Motor Vehicles Branch to see if another license was issued in your name. If so, request a new license number and fill out their complaint form to begin the fraud investigation process.
  • Contact your email provider if your email address has been compromised.

Contact TCU Financial Group to inform us of the situation:

  • Report the situation to your TCU Financial Group branch or by phone: Regina (306) 546-7800, Saskatoon (306) 651-6500, or toll free 1-877-828-4343.
  • When calling TCU Financial Group outside of regular MemberLine hours, please select option 2 to report your Member Debit Card as lost or stolen. To report a stolen or lost TCU Financial Group Mastercard please call 1-844-283-1414

Report Identity Theft to: