2020 Nomination Candidate Package

Be a leader of your credit union

Board of Director nominations are now open until Monday, March 16, 2020. This is your opportunity to help strengthen TCU Financial Group. Board of Director positions are available to members of TCU Financial Group who meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the Candidate Nomination Package.

The TCU Financial Group Board is seeking to fill three, 3-year terms. As a Board member you will help establish a meaningful strategic direction for TCU Financial Group that promotes long-term growth and financial stability while effectively serving the interests of the membership.

You will be responsible for providing guidance in areas such as strategic planning, human resource, financial and risk oversight, legal and regulatory compliance and more.

To learn more, download the comprehensive Candidate Nomination Package.

The Benefits of Becoming a TCU Financial Group Board Member

Being a TCU Financial Group Board member has provided me a lifelong learning opportunity. I have gained a national perspective on financial matters and market trends in Canada.

Tony Linner, TCU Financial Group Board Member

I was looking for a new challenge. Having been a member for years and having some experience in the financial industry years ago made me interested in becoming a Board member.  It turned out to be a great new experience which challenges me and gives me ongoing opportunity to learn and grow.”

Stephanie Mansfield, TCU Financial Group Board Member (Vice Chair)

In my first year, I have gotten far more from being a board member than expected. There is a true sense of comradery within the team and an openness for everyone to share their thoughts and ideas. Everyone respects each other and their varying backgrounds so different points of view are always welcome. I have learned a lot from my fellow board members, the educational sessions, and the board training to date.”

Nicole Cox, TCU Financial Group Board Member

As one of the newest members of the TCU Board of Directors I can say that my first year has included many learning opportunities that have helped me to further my leadership skillset. As a long term member of TCU, it is a privilege to serve as a Director and play a role in shaping the future of this credit union.

Tracie Risling, TCU Financial Group Board Member


What is the role of the board? Expand/Collapse

TCU Financial Group’s board of directors is responsible for overseeing the credit union’s operations on behalf of members.

Management oversees the day-to-day operation of the credit union, the board provides guidance on strategic direction, policy and monitors the credit union’s overall progress.

What is the time commitment to be on the Board? Expand/Collapse

There are generally 6 Board meetings per year. These meetings are normally held in Saskatoon, with one or two meetings held in Regina. Typically these occur on a Saturday and run from 4-6 hours in length.

Board members sit on one or two committees. Committee meetings are generally held on a quarterly basis, conducted on week days, late afternoon and usually last 1 ½ to 2 hours.

Do I have to have any special training to be on the Board? Expand/Collapse

There is a steep learning curve for new directors but help is provided. Seasoned directors act as mentors and a multitude of background information is available on a dedicated Board portal. Orientation training will be provided, and numerous training programs are available both on-line and through in-person classes. In the first year of office, new directors are encouraged to complete Credit Union Director Achievement Program (CUDA) Level A: Foundations of Governance. Directors are expected to complete the entire CUDA program within their first 3 year term.

Is there remuneration? Expand/Collapse

Board members are paid volunteers and provided with a per-diem per meeting plus reimbursement for expenses. As an example, reimbursable expenses are hotel stays, parking, meals and mileage.

Can I campaign? Expand/Collapse

Campaigning is not allowed on credit union property, as part of the annual election process.  Campaigning is defined as activities used directly by nominees, or on behalf of nominees, to solicit votes outside of the credit union’s elections processes. The ban is to ensure that all candidates have an equal opportunity to be profiled to the membership. This does not, however, preclude individual candidates from communicating with their personal networks (i.e. friends and family) to raise awareness of their candidacy.

How are directors elected? Expand/Collapse

Elections are held annually, with directors serving three-year terms. A call for nominations is issued to all credit union members in late January.

The nomination form lists some TCU requirements as well as legislative requirements. Provided these are met, you can let your name stand for election.

Voting is conducted online through MemberDirect, our online banking platform. If you do not use online banking, you can vote by mail-in ballot. All voting takes place before the AGM – this year voting is open from April 3 to April 14, 2020. Results are announced at the AGM.


When and where is the Annual Meeting held? Expand/Collapse

TCU’s 2020 Annual Meeting is to be held on April 22 in our Ludlow Branch boardroom and Quance Branch boardroom. Registration begins at 3:30 and the Meeting at 4:00.

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Paula Kelly
Returning Officer

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