Creating a Non-Profit

Creating a Non-Profit

If you're starting a new business with the intent of helping people in your community, you might want to consider starting a non-profit organization. In many ways, non-profits are similar to for-profit businesses. You'll still need careful planning and clear objectives if you hope to succeed.

Remember: the people you hope to help with your new venture may be depending on your success. We understand how important it is to help out in the community, so let us help you understand the unique position of the non-profit in today's business world.

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Developing Bylaws and a Constitution Expand/Collapse

Aside from having to obey the legal and financial regulations of your province and region, a non-profit organization needs its own internal constitution and bylaws.

Developing a Vision Expand/Collapse

Your non-profit organization will need a well developed business plan to get it off the ground. In order to simply apply for registration you'll need to clearly state the objects of your organization.

Directors' Liability Expand/Collapse

Non-profit organizations have a lot of the same insurance needs as regular businesses.

Fundraising Expand/Collapse

Fundraising is very challenging. Developing fundraising strategies are crucial to raising the funds you need to operate.

Board of Directors Expand/Collapse

A non profit needs a strong and capable Board of Directors to be successful. 

Registering as a Non Profit Expand/Collapse

In the case of a non-profit organization, 'registration' refers specifically to registration with Revenue Canada for income tax exemption.

Organization Structure Expand/Collapse

There are two main types of non-profit organizations: those that are incorporated and registered as non-profit charitable organizations, and those that are not.


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