Small Business Online Banking

Small Business Online Banking is online banking specifically designed to meet the needs of our business and organization members. Straightforward to use, Small Business Online Banking offers unique features that help small business members better manage their finances so they can stay focused on their core business. It has all the features that regular online banking offers plus the following additional features:

  1. Dual Signer Support - for business’ that are structured for 2-to-sign, this feature allows for one signer to initiate a transaction and requires a second signer to approve it before the transaction can be processed. This adds an extra level of security to online banking.
  2. Delegates - signers can assign ‘view-only’ or ‘initiator’ permissions to individuals such as bookkeepers or accountants. It allows a small business owner to assign an employee or business partner a username and password for online banking. Depending on permissions granted by the business owner, a delegate can access the following: 
    • login to online banking
    • viewing of specified account details
    • creation of payees
    • initiation of transfers and payments
  3. A transaction submitted by a delegate must be signed-off before it is processed. If the account is structured for 2-to-sign, all transactions must be signed off by 2 signers. Alerts can be set up to notify users each time a transcation requiring their approval has been initiated by another delegate.

  4. Account Consolidation - allows signers to group their personal and business accounts together into a consolidated view under a single login rather than having separate personal and business logins. This means that the small business owner can sign in once and initiate transactions easily between their personal and business accounts.

Note: These features can be accessed within online banking on the left hand navigation under the Business Services heading.

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