Additional Services

Additional Banking Services

Small business owners have a wide range of banking needs. That is why we offer solutions to make running your business easier. 

If you have any questions about our additional services please contact our Business Solutions team to learn more. 

Cash Management Expand/Collapse

Cash is king for most small businesses and managing that cash is critically important. TCU can help you optimize cash flow, reduce accounting costs, and streamline your business and financial reporting. Our experienced Business Services Account Managers will create customized solutions for your business.

Night Deposit Expand/Collapse

Most small business people are busy during the day, and we understand that at TCU Financial Group. That’s why we provide our 24 hour deposit service, providing you with easy, secure access to make deposits anytime - day or night!

Foreign Exchange Expand/Collapse

In an internet age and today’s global economy, business is conducted 24 hours a day right around the world. Small business people in Saskatchewan are now selling (and buying) goods and services in international markets, which requires them to be able to deal in foreign currencies (like it or not). TCU has the ability to offer you quick and easy foreign exchange services for most foreign currencies.

Safety Deposit Boxes Expand/Collapse

Safety deposit boxes are a great, secure option for you to store valuables or important documents. Please contact your branch for sizes and availability.

Wire Transfers Expand/Collapse

Global business requires global business solutions, which – from time-to-time – requires that you transfer or wire money from your business to another business.  TCU can help you in all your financial business dealings, including wire transfers from your account to another account around the world (in a matter of minutes).  These wire transfers are secure, accurate, and convenient.


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