Canadian Small Business Financing Program

Canadian Small Business Financing Program

TCU Financial Group is excited to participate in the Canada Small Business Financing Program (CSBFP). This is a partnership between the Government of Canada and Canadian financial institutions like TCU Financial Group. This program increases the availability of financing to small business that would otherwise be unable to obtain a loan or would only be able to obtain financing under less favorable terms.

Both established businesses and startups are eligible for this program. It is designed to help corporations, sole proprietorships, partnerships and co-operatives in Canada with gross revenue under $10 million.

Eligble Purchases

Purchases that are eligible under this program include:

  • Buildings and property
  • Equipment
  • Leasehold improvements

Under the CSBFP program you can get a maximum of $1 million. A maximum of $350,000 can be used to finance equipment purchases or leasehold improvements.

Visit the Government of Canada website to learn more or contact one of our Business Solutions team members.


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